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  1. I would be more than happy to pay for a corporate version, I sync a 5.3 TB movie database with about 75 friends and on top of that I sync with vocatus who has 100's of peers. so you can imagine how many connections I could have. I have a watchguard XTM 26 at home so I can handle the connections.
  2. It cant be the fault of the OS because i can do more than 50 connections with Bittorent. Also, I do sync up with Vocatus as well as other projects all with over 50 peers. This limit seems ridiculous. I should be able to have as many connections as my router can handle.
  3. I love BitSync, works very well but i am having issues with the 50 connection cap. Could you please either remove the cap or allow us to set our own cap? maybe 200 or 300? What would also be nice if possible, have a custom cap per folder.