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  1. Backup folder on Anrdoid is not starting the download to other hosts (most of the time). I have set up a backup folder on Anrdoid 4.4 (DCIM folder) and that folder is copied to three PC's. It worked fine for the beginning but then it started having troubles to upload. Now it seems completely dead. All I see is "Estimating download time" on phone and nothing is transferred and no activity seen on PC hosts as well. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/FoADDQO I have also one bidirectional sync folder on phone and it seems to work normally. I have tried following: -pausing and unpausing backup foder, no effect -restarting the sync app. When I choose Exit, I will see "Shutdown..." popup that will never close. App however seems to die when I hit home key. Restarting the app doesn't change anything. -restarting phone, no help PC version 1.3.106 Win7 64 Anrdoid ver on HTC one M7 Any help appreciated! (I don't want to switch back to dropbox, but will if have to)