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  1. I've been using BTSync for a while now and it's absolutely fantastic! I've just set it up to sync a load of my files between my computer, an external hard drive in my house connected to a Raspberry Pi, and a second Raspberry Pi and external hard drive in my parents house. This had been working very well but today I rebooted the Pi at my parents house and when it came on the GUI (ipAddress:8888/gui) prompted for an account to be created and then showed the no folders message. On the other syncing devices it shows it as offline. I copied the contents of the .sync folder somewhere else so I c
  2. I too would really like a schedular for BitTorrent Sync. Even better would be the ability to schedule particular shares to go at different times. That would be particularly useful if there is a small critical folder than you want to keep updated regularly throughout the day but a large folder that you'd rather have sync over night when you're not going to be browsing the internet and your ISP's download/upload limits aren't as strict/enforced at all. For me personally, this would make the app absolutely perfect!