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  1. I did 1) disable lan_encrypt_data on both computers & restarted the app on both. That seemed to work fine for a little bit (still no better than 16MB/s though, however at least somewhat consistent). However after I came back to check on it 3 hours later it was back to being really really slow again. I restarted the app again on both computers & for awhile longer it ran nicely. I did this a few more times until it finally finished. The couple gigs every week that I have been syncing since once a week run, but still not all that fast. At this point both machines are now version 1.3.109. I will try adding 2) the next time I go to sync & will report the speeds then. Thanks!
  2. I have btsync 1.3.106 setup on two computers in the same lan (arrows show both ways so it should be a direct connection - on top of that I unplugged the router overnight so for sure it was running direct). 1 Win81u1x64, 1 server 2012r2u1, both connected via the same unmanaged 1Gb switch. Speeds between the sync (about 700GB total archive) is usually at best 13 MB/s (and this is even with advanced | disk_low_priority = false on both btsync with both restarted after making that setting). Indexing has long since finished so that is not an issue. If I copy a file via explorer from target drive on both machines I usually see consistent speeds of 30 MB/s. Would it be better to seed this remote folder manually via explorer & then just let btsync index & upkeep?