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  1. Hey everyone, I've installed btsync on my rented server via ssh. Installation worked well, I was able to get to the GUI via IP:8888 and add a syncing folder and key. I could see the connected devices immediately, but there is no up- or download :-/ So it seems like the communication between my desktop, laptop and the server works, but no more interactions. I choose an directory on my FTP as syncing folder. When I put a file via FTP in the syncing folder, my laptop and desktop pc immediately starts to download the file. But it's not working vice-versa. I gave via chmod 777 rights to the syncing folder. So my questions are: Is there a recommended directory to put the syncing folder on a server? Do I have to set special rights to start the up- and download process? Any other ideas why it doesn't work? It's kind of strange because it seems like the devices communicate. The desktop and laptop share files perfectly. Only the server does not do anything :-/ Thankful for advices :-) Cheers, Nycolay!