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  1. Thank you very much for the information. I suppose the best solution would be to get the SSH access right? I will try one more time to understand the problem why I can't get the access through this mode and will report back to you Greetings Jin
  2. Hello Community I'm VERY new to all of this. Although im not a stranger to many computer topics but this is out of my reach. I bought a NAS for my risen storage needs and thought a nice looking one would be fitting(huehuehue GAAY ). Also the price and accessibility from more than one PC was a concern. The result is the Lacie 5big Network2 which more and more turns out to be lacking software (can't even download a folder or download a .pages file). To make a long story short I would like to install BTS on my NAS but I can't get a SSH connection although I can access it through SFTP via terminal. I tried putty on windows with the same result. It just claims that the SSH process was rejected or didn't start. Google did turn up a bit of information like specs: http://wiki.yobi.be/wiki/LaCie_5big_Network_2 and somewhere in there a custom firmware to get root access. But the only thing I understood was DIY and that all the data will be lost. With a little over 5tb on my NAS I would prefer not to lose all and not to buy another storage just to save all of that data. If anyone could help me install the NAS btsync_arm.tar file I would be really relieved . Sincere regards JinRho