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  1. It would be great to implement the same schedule you see in uTorrent
  2. Thanks GreatMarko. I have had added \TV folder in both computers. In such operation, I seem have lost a lot of files in the host PC (HT-PC) and that's why I was wondering what I was doing wrong. This is my original PC where I had the files synced to Mike-NB. Now the files are disappeared from HT-PC and Mike-NB is uploading them back to HT-PC (source). This happened after I renamed a folder within \TV. There could be things that I need to be careful of while doing such file operations.
  3. Hi, I have two computers: HT-PC and Mike-NB where I have installed BitTorrent Sync. In both HT-PC and Mike-NB I have: \TV\Criminal Minds\ \TV\Criminal Minds - Season 7\ \TV\Criminal Minds - Season 8\ Now, using Mike-NB I move Season 7 and Season 8 folders into Criminal Minds folder, would that file movement replicate HT-PC? What I mean to ask is, can BitTorrent Sync track this file operation and execute an identical operation in that other PC? Thanks and regards Michael