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  1. To be honest, the only problems "I" could find were that what I Thought was the "key" was not. When you choose to copy the key, what it really copies is the text-link to go through the whole deal with the upgrade. The people i have to deal with.. This is "over their heads", I found "The Way" hidden a little deeper sown. Your new .. what is is called/ a more "stylized UI?" Like Windows 8, those international symbols of 3 dots meaning something just did not jump out at me. One i found the way to capture the key just as it used to be and manually change it, that is actually easier for my needs than the "Full Auto" setup. I just had to find it! My fears had been "fed" by what I READ Elsewhere. I have now seen they were groundless. I would like to know if there are any specific folders that should NOT be synced, especially those withing the USER folder.. for instance "Desktop", My Documents", My Pictures" etc. These would not be going to another system to be used intht capacity but rather as a backup of what is on the primary user's .."Desktop" for instance. I know there are numerous hidden files in those folders and I am afraid to try although that would be the Ultimate Backup Solution for the needs i have. Everything that is of any consequence would be sroredin one of those USER folders. Usually Documents but many people keep leaving whole folders full of files on their desktops. Is there a way to set the sync to NOT transfer files that COULD be risky to mix if i have to copy their whole desktop back? Like Desktop.ini for one. To be honest i need to spend more time reading the "manual" . But I learn as much from the mistakes as from what works. It is still by FAR the best software I have ever seen for what it does. I think it is a shame that it cannot sync locally as i have a specific use for that too, One connected drive to another. Using Windows or DOS copy or drag and drop is SO time consuming that if you could set it to just SYNC and walk away and know when you went to bed it would be done when you got up. Just had to do that with a dying 3TB NAS It has been a week now and I am only half done. I start as many copy processes as possible but i ha to manually skip files that fail to copy for whatever reason. I m sure you have been there before ;(.
  2. This question has been asked and answered in many different ways and depending on which one i read, the answer i need could go either way. I use BTS to allow several people to keep an automated backup from their laptops onto a single system. I am sure this is what many others use it for as well. I first set this up before Version 1.4 came out so the configuration for everyone was under 1.3. A few weeks back, I added a new person to the group and was surprised to see that the version I downloaded was not 1.3. I installed as usual and found out the hard way . As time went by I noticed that the only person I had put V1.4 on was working as far as I could tell. The system she and everyone else connects to is using version 1.3. Since the whole setup was a sort of "experiment" no one is interested in cooperating with me to give input as to whether they like it or not. The normal process involved them having to copy files manually to a networked folder which sometimes they forgot to do and other times the files just did not make it. The bottom line is that I need to decide whether to keep trying to use an outdated version of the software (V1.3) or if I should start over with everything on Version 1.4 My concern is the possibility of a Version 1.X being released soon which would also be incompatible with Version 1.4 and no one would allow me to do another reinstall My personal opinion and my own use of BTS has been (up to V1.4) nothing but positive. It worked perfectly for everything i tried it with. Far superior to any of the other Sync Application I could find. Five stars for simplicity and reliability and every other aspect at least for what I was doing. However, with V1.4 while it has more options, they do not seem to be as intuitive in function. I have never been able to get one system using V 1.4 to connect to another. I am very sure it is something I am doing wrong but I am unable to figure out what? As a last question, this may be right in front of me but is there a way to force a specific connection to sync or attempt to sync? maybe a right click and SYNC option? Or do i just have to wait until the system decides it is time to try?
  3. From what i have seen in various posts I the processor type matters? The WD 4TB i have uses )I Think) a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor. This unit has had mixed reviews for speed and reliability but if there is a way to load BT SYNC on it I thought I would see how well it would perform. Any advice on which version? And does it matter what version of the OS it i running as I have seen some posts regarding problems here with the newest one.
  4. Pardon the question but is there a place for instructions on how to install on a NAS? Any brand would do but WD's would be especially helpful