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  1. At the moment, i use sync mainly as a online backup for some of my customers and my own devices (IT-Service).


    Classic folders, read-only mode.

    Server does another backup of the synced folders and customers have ftp-access to the folder on the server.




    (Only testing at the moment, especially syncing very large files (acronis true image) is a litte bit difficult)


    I use classic folders because the setup is easier. I can move or reinstall the server without work on the client side.

  2. Hello,


    i want to provide a online backup for some of my customers using Sync.


    For the server, a pro license will be used.


    What about the customers? (they will pay for the amount of storage space used)



    Per customer there will be about 1-3 folders (classic ones), so the free version would be sufficent.


    From a licensing point of view, is this okay too?

    Does it depend on the customer type (commercial, non commercial)?





  3. Hello,


    is there a way to choose the sync data folder during installation or moving the folder after installation?

    Some kind of portable mode?


    (just found "running sync in configutarion mode" in the help-section, is this the way to go?)



    My intention is to have sync with all data and folders running from a truecrypt-partition while windows stays on normal partition.