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  1. If you can, try resetting the app by noting all the secrets and the corresponding folders, uninstalling the app with data deletion and installing the latest update fresh on the machine.
  2. This sounds great. In early versions, the syncing from the phone app was almost instant. Battery saving features made it suck a bit for me in the recent releases. Sure I can disable all the battery saving features but your suggestion looks pretty cool to me! Should be implemented.
  3. The previous version definitely had this feature. I remember using it once or twice. There is no such option available. Please bring back this option. Was very handy for sharing with friends on the move. NFC support would also be great!
  4. Ok. I deleted BT Sync completely from my computer. Did the same with the Android app on my phone. And managed to get this working. I hope I do not need to do this on every major update in the future.
  5. It was great before the latest update which now only give read rights for the DCIM folder on my Android phone. I prefer to manage my photo folder using BT Sync from my computer. Saves me the trouble of deleting backed up photos from the phone manually.
  6. It also crashes for me every time there is a network state change. Like connecting or disconnecting a VPN. Or changing my network provider.
  7. It was working fine before the update when I had synced the DCIM folder manually. Now the desktop app shows pending even though I have approved it in the mobile app. What a mess. I cannot even get the write rights secret to the camera folder now for syncing through the manual route. It automatically turns on the camera backup feature. I understand you want to make things simple for regular folks. But do not take away the capabilities that made this app useful to folks like me.