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  1. Also, on mobile, by default, files are not being saved locally until you choose specific files.
  2. in 1.4. you can still use keys. it's under the general cog-options menu ("Enter a key"). Though, keep in mind that the link is much more secure (w/links you can set expiration, approval and/or usage limits). you can also paste the link into the key field ].
  3. You can always remove a shared folder from Sync and it will stop syncing with other devices, or even better, open Folder Preferences and choose Update key (hides under View key), then choose Create new key (warning: this will disconnect all connected devices). Later you can use the new key you got to update it on other devices.
  4. Hi Oldmark, 1. on your desktop side, add the folder that contains the 2 files to Sync and then click "Share" > choose "QR code". note that you can choose between Read only and Read and write. 2. on your iPad, choose "Add folder" and then scan the QR you got in step one. that's it