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  1. Hi all, Sorry it's taken me a while to get to this thread. We decided to remove the "synced" status because it was buggy in some cases, and we preferred to say nothing rather than being occasionally inaccurate. We have been working hard to improve it, as it is really important to understand what's happening with your folders. We will reach out when we have something we are ready to test with a small group. Thanks for your patience, Daniel Erwin Sync Design Lead
  2. Hi MNBarete, Goolge Drive and Dropbox haven't started using Sync to power their services yet If you're looking to Sync to an off-site device, and want a convenient cloud-provider, you might try renting a virtual server from any cloud hosting service - check out a step-by-step guide by one of our users about how to do this on AWS. Or, if you're looking for a more turnkey or business-oriented solution, you should check out our new partnership with Onehub. Happy syncing, Daniel Erwin Sync Design Lead
  3. As Marko pointed out, you can change this setting by going to App Options (the gear wheel in the top right) > My Devices > [your device name] and change the "Default folder location" setting. This is also a great place to change how your device treats folders that were added from other devices, by selecting disconnected, connected, or synced. @alessio - Since automatically adding folders from other devices is a Pro feature, this setting isn't available unless you're licensed. Happy Syncing, Daniel Erwin Sync Design Lead
  4. Hi all, We don't officially support link aggregation. However, we will attempt to reproduce it in our lab, and get back to you if we find anything. Thanks, Daniel Erwin Sync Design Lead
  5. Hi Fragtion, As our VP of Sync, Erik Pounds, has expressed, we are still interested in creating a great free product. And we share your vision of a powerful tool for syncing. We really appreciate your engagement and participation in the forum and in helping us catch bugs and make sync better. As for this particular question: we are evaluating whether to automatically prefer faster peers, which would address the key usecase brought up in this thread. As for the other usecases: 1. Improved security and/or denying peers: we have implemented the permissions control system in Sync 2.0, which is a more secure and more usable way to control access to your data. 2. Enable/disable syncing based on network or location: we are aware that this would be useful for some users in some circumstances. Please let us know if we're missing a widespread usecase where this would be useful. While it's not automatic, using "pause" for Sync or per-folder might meet your need in this case. Sorry it's taken us a while to respond - we are busy making new features, some of which are going to be enhancements to the free product! I hope you you will find them useful, and I trust you'll let us know what else we can do in any case. Best regards, Daniel Erwin Sync Design Lead
  6. Hi all, Thanks for posting about these problems! I checked with our support team, and we are not aware of any Sync bugs that might be causing this issue. It might be a network connectivity issue - otherwise the identity files are not getting synced. We encourage you to submit a support request whenever this happens so we can determine if it's a Sync bug. Then, try restarting Sync on both devices, and using a different network if possible. Thanks, Daniel Erwin Sync Design Lead
  7. Hi, Thanks for finding this! It was definitely not our intention to force this on you, or to have it reappear if you remove it. Thanks for finding a workaround while we are working on a fix. Daniel Erwin Sync Design Lead
  8. Unfortunately, Sync's security model is designed to prevent exactly what you want to do in this case. If you didn't have the identity linked with (a.k.a. backed up on) any other device, and you can't recover the Sync instance on that device, your cannot recover ownership of the folder. You will have to create a new folder and share it anew.
  9. Hi GrilledSandwich, Glad you were able to get the folders propagating in the way you wanted. You should know that we take great care to make sure that when your devices connect to our tracker server, we are collecting as little info as possible, as we don't want to have any idea what your are syncing nor with whom However, we know that the only way to be sure these days is to do it yourself, so we encourage you to take this into your own hands and rely only on your own hardware. Simply go to the folder preferences and uncheck "use tracker server". You might also want to turn off "Use relay server", though if you are behind any kind of firewall this may lessen your ability to sync. See this article for a little more detail: http://help.getsync.com/customer/portal/articles/1901264-folder-preferences Happy syncing! Daniel Erwin Sync Design Lead
  10. Hi Justin, It sounds like this might be a bug in the software, but there is also a usability issue since Sync didn't make it clear when you were getting a read only vs. a read & write link. Could you describe in a little more detail how you were getting the links, and how you ended up figuring out which permission the link has? Thanks, Daniel Sync Design Lead
  11. Hi, We have no plans to remove classic folders. We know that it's useful in cases where you want to have different access levels between your linked devices, and also we see no reason to cut off folders that people are already connected to. You can create new classic folders by holding the shift key when clicking the "add folder" button, and connect to them in the "Manual connection" dialog. It would be interesting to know how you're using the classic folders. Thanks, Daniel Erwin Sync Design Lead
  12. @mobilediesel - To add to RomanZ's response: you can change the default way Sync treats your folders by going to the My Devices panel and selecting the item for "This device". It sounds like you want the "Disconnected" option for new folders. Does this address your concern with the default behaviors? Also, I'm really curious about the folders you don't even want to have available on your devices - can you tell us more about why you don't want to see them on all your devices? We wanted to make sure you're able to easily access all of your data remotely - and since the disconnected folder doesn't take up any space on the drive, we thought it would be a great way to present the remotely available folders. Is there something about that which doesn't work? Thanks, Daniel
  13. If you are running Yosemite, please try the following: In Mac's "System Preferences...", select "Extensions" preferences screen; Select "Finder" in the left menu bar; Uncheck, then check the "BitTorrent Sync" app checkbox. We think this may be a Mac bug.
  14. Hi, This should be available on Mac. What OS version are you using?
  15. Hi Stevero, You can do this by disconnecting the folder (folder options > disconnect) on computer B, then use the "Connect" command and select the desired folder. You can avoid having Sync make this automatic decision in the future by setting the My Devices sync level to "Disconnected". Go to App Options (the settings sprocket) > My Devices > [your device name] (this device), then change the setting from "Synced" or "Connected" to "Disconnected". Does that help?
  16. Hi Joe, Thanks for writing to us about this. We are aware of a few issues around this which should be resolved soon, however our testing indicates that you should be able to move files within their parent Sync folder with few problems. Can you verify that you are moving them within the same parent sync folder? If so, please file a bug using the feedback tool in the app so that you can easily attach some logs for our support team to debug - App Options (settings gear) > Help... > Contact support Thanks, Daniel
  17. Hi Mike2700, We are aware of all of the issues you bring up, and we are working hard to develop solutions. It's not clear when we can offer an update on most of them, however the "showing files in the peer list queue that have not been chosen to be synced" issue is definitely a bug, and if you can document and submit feedback then we should be able to solve it relatively quickly.