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  1. Yes, it goes to sleep no problem. I'm not adding or removing any files currently and it's still keeping away so I'm presuming no transfers are still taking place, none are listed in the app. I turned the disc sleep down to 10mins and set the folder sync to 700s but the problem persisted.
  2. I have bt sync running on osx, xp and ios all with no problems; except that the XP machine won't go to sleep whilst its running. Has anyone experienced this before? My hard disks are set to turn off after 30mins and the computer sleeps after 45mins of no use. Is it as simple as having to drop the hard drive sleep time below the max sync time preference? Seams the computer should go to sleep ignoring this 'background activity', or is that the issue; it's not seen as background activity? Should it be i.e. a bug? Thanks.