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  1. Using 2.0.85. When I edit an excel file on my workstation and saves it it starts syncing. The problem is that it is removed from the other connected devices but stays on the device that I edited it on. Closing Bittorrent sync and reopening it forces a new sync and the file will reappear on the synced devices. Editing the file outside of the synced folder and then copy it to the synced folder will sync to all other connected devices just like you would expect it. Most likely this is a result of the way Excel saves files. It creates a temp file, then deletes the original after that renames the temp to the original filename. Anyone with any idea where to start looking to make sync not get tripped up by this behaviour?
  2. I have the same problem with QNAP TS-869U-RP and 1.4.76. The process will after some time stop to respond and a restart of the application is needed.