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  1. I have a question as well about the storage_path param in the config file. can we use the windows variable to the folder: %appdata%\\bittorrent sync ? If not, are there any problems with using ./ for the storage_path? I am going to be deploying this to several computers and would like to use the exact same config file to speed up deployment. Also, earlier it was mentioned that the best way to is to put the config file in the same location as the .exe file. if you use the default location of c:\program files, or c:\program files(x86), when running btsync with the config flag (even wi
  2. Yeah, I found that article this morning. Thanks for the response!
  3. How would this be handled in the API, where no GUI is enabled? Our plan is to have this working in the background, with the end user to have no access to the GUI.
  4. We are looking to deploy this product in a environment with over 100 remote locations, and would like the ability to lock down the gui, so shares, settings, and so on are not able to be changed by users. A password would suffice. I believe this will be helpful to many people. Thanks!
  5. Actually they are present in the windows version as well.