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  1. CrashPlan looks neat, but still: You have to "manually" find peers among your friends;and worse, you have to install and trust commercial software (my main concern being that CrashPlan itself be hacked and backdoored by a third-party). Such a risk a much, much lower with BitTorrent.I know that BTSync is sync, not backup, but still I think we could build a neat P2P backup service on top of it.
  2. Thanks for the link! The suggested solutions in that thread are: - - - All of these are full solutions/products by themselves, they try to solve much more than what I have in mind. More problematically, they don't use BitTorrent Sync or at least don't integrate nicely with it. I don't want a something that replaces BTSync, I want something that synchronizes some of my BTSync folders externally. Basically it would work this way: - I need to backup a total of 50G for instance - The service finds a peer with the same need - We exchange keys (with encrypted permissions only) and sync each others data The key value is not the always-on aspect, it's the secure backup.
  3. Many of us are using Sync as a Dropbox replacement. The problem is that without an external peer (= physically external to my home that can be burglarized, burned, etc.), there is no true backup. I'm considered renting a box on OVH/AWS/Digital Ocean etc. but that's super expensive. One solution is peer to peer backup: I send you an key (with encrypted permission only, of course), you send me yours, and we both serve as the other remote backup. The problem now is that I have to find a "peer" to do that. Ideally I want to roughly match the data size and the bandwidth as well ("live" folder as opposed to long term archive that rarely changes). Has anybody heard about such a community? Maybe based around a simple website that would match peers. If not, what features do you think would important? Is there any major issue I forgot? Thanks, A.
  4. @RomanZ thanks for your answer. Since `get_file_prefs` does not return a `download` field on directories, I assumed I couldn't set a value. I'll try.
  5. I manage to have selective_sync work by calling `set_file_prefs` with the download flag. But `set_file_prefs` does not work on directories (that is, subdirectories of the root folder), and `set_folder_prefs` is just intended to be used on the root shared folder, not its subdirectories, and doesn't have a download parameter anyway. How to instruct the API to download or not a full subdirectory without having to recursively go through the files and call `set_file_prefs` for each one? Thanks for your help and the great project!