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  1. @aeaejei thanks for links. I found Symform (http://www.symform.com) which is exactly what I've been looking for. Thank you.
  2. I Agree, those are two different things, and depends as think could be resolved with the same tool. When I speak of files that will be stored / backuped in this p2p network, I mean that those files will be encrypted to one or more people, so that these will be the only ones able to see that file, this can be done by asymetric encryption (more info in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public-key_cryptography). This would allow users to share files between certain users (as is done for example with google drive). You could even set up a public folder (where the files are not encrypted), so that ther
  3. Ok well understood @Journeyman, we are thinking in differents things.
  4. @ Journeyman the idea is to have a repository of personal files that may be distributed over a network of unknown peers, so that one could synchronize your files with each of its devices (tablet, phone, notebook, etc.), as bittorrent sync does, but without the need to have all your devices turned on for that synchronization becomes effective, instead of, the idea is using as intermediaries to other peers. For example, if I add a file on my desktop pc to my shared (private) folder, that file should be split and replicated on multiple peers, so that if you then turn off the PC desktop, and later
  5. Nice!! @Mattia DL and @Segator. I know just a bit about encryption. Anyway, the bittorrent sync API has a method to do the file encryption, and comunication encryption, so it can save us a lot of work! . I am not a expert developer (actually I'm a sysadmin ), but i have some experience coding on python (7 years), and there is a python module for this API, and also Trible is written on python ...so i'm investigating a little about it and i would like to start a project. Would be interesting if we can join efforts and desing and develop a file sync descentralized tool, based on bittorrent. Re
  6. I have been thinking about that too!! i would like to join you. I have been thinking on a big sync service, like dropbox, but using a decentralized infraestructure like Tribler, and totally free... i mean, a service where you can donate space on your computer to the comunity, and use space donate for other to sync the files, for example, to use 1 GB of cloud space, donate 4Gb of your disk (this can fix the offline problem on sincronization process, because the sync files will be replicated on a lot of machines). Obiously, the files must be encrypted on the others machines. Regards,