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  1. Also important to note is that you need to enable the "admin"-account. If it is enabled it will also say "Failed to run package service". I installed DSM6 and it did not work due to I did not use the admin-account.
  2. Thanks Helen, I will send a screenshot, but I do not have .nomedia and ES File Explorer has no issues creating the folder but Bittorrent Sync has. Thanks for your info.
  3. Thanks @helen, but I see on the Android TV that Android OS limits the write-access to this disk. So I have an USB-drive to my Android TV and wanted to create /storage/usbdrive/media folder but it is not allowed. Even when I use ES File Explorer Bittorrent Sync (after the update) still notifies me about the write-access-limit. So the beta is maybe helping with external sd-cards but not with usbdrives as external disks. "Android OS" part in the notification is also something that maybe limits this goal. Even so the workaround from @RomanZ did help so I can use it on my Nvidia Shield TV but P
  4. Sure @romanZ I will help out test it, but how can I participate, what do you need from me?
  5. Thank you @RomanZ, and yes indeed that it worked. Not to add a folder locally but an invite for a read/write folder through Bittorrent Sync did work flawlessly. The only problem I now see is that Android TV cannot index this folder, but Kodi can. Not a big deal, but a nice workaround. FYI
  6. When I have an Android TV (yes, I know not supported but still fully running) I found out that I can backup a folder on an external usbdisk connected to my Android TV, but I cannot add a normal folder from that same external usbdisk. Why is that different? It sounds to me that the file permissions are not the problem, right? I want to have the option to create a folder (from a read/write-key) in that external usbdisk (/storage/usbdisk/media for example). Why? Simple, because I can have my NAS or pc as a source and sync it always with my Android TV without any interaction by me. Due to limi