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  1. Microsoft provide unlimited (aka, no need to BYO storage if you don't want/need a local copy) OneDrive storage with their O365 subscriptions, and a solid productivity suite. How exacty is BTSync supposed to compete at $40/year with that? For not that much more, I can get a whole lot more from another company. It's really not going to be a hard choice, especially when many people are going to be using MS Office anyway... As said by others, this is a product, not a service. Please don't use a SaaS business models (subscription pricing) for this or it will die quickly. We are your early adopters here... the ones who generally provide the technical advice to less saavy potential users, whether that be family and friends, or higher ups/bosses and coworkers. If we don't think it is priced reasonably, we won't recommend it. Calling BTSync "unlimited" is very misleading as well here. I pay for my hard drives and power, not you. This $40 does not contribute towards my real costs here. What exactly are your real costs that require subscription pricing anyway, beyond constant development (which would better suit upgrade pricing anyway)? And if I want true backup, I need to find something off site as well. Will you contribute to that? No? Then it's not really unlimited. I would happily pay $5-10/year under a subscription model, if it had to be charged that way. I would prefer to pay $40 towards a stand alone license that has exactly ZERO requirements to phone home to any third party server anywhere. If it's my license/copy, I want to be able to use it somewhat anonymously, especially as that is part of the selling point behind BTSync as far as I can tell. I'm keen to contribute towards the software, especially if it means it will continue to be improved. I'm also keen to use the Pro features (I've jsut downloaded the alpha to try), and I suspect I will come to depend on them. As others have said though, it needs to be priced in a way that will see some $ from me, rather than $0 from me (and I suspect others).