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  1. I haven't really found an answer to this. What is the best way to terminate a peer, right click and go down to disconnect??? Would all the files still be available to anyone over on "computer 2"? Could they be all deleted on #2 without effecting files back on the primary computer? I hope I've made it fairly understandable. Thanks!!!
  2. Hi there a way in an emergency situation to shut down a remote peer, or is right clicking, and selecting 'disconnect' my best option? What about the files in the sharing folder out on the "other end"? They would all remain short of going to that computer and deleting?? Thanks for any input! Bill
  3. No, never have. None on the other end(Peer 2) either. It just decided to work again.
  4. What in the world??? All of a sudden, in the middle of the night, I have peers showing, and it's syncing again. I made no changes, it all started on it's own. Remember The Police album, "Ghost in the Machine"?? 🤔 Anyway, whatever happened, thank you---:))
  5. I did get a response, asking for debug logs. I sent those, but heard nothing more.
  6. I saw the same thing, 0/0. I've had to go over to another program to get my work done. I really don't want to. I really like Resilio!
  7. Same here. All of sudden.......boom, and mine shows now I have no peers. 0-0
  8. Now, mine show no peers. I only have one. Maybe someone on that end?
  9. Yeah, Roman was kind enough to respond, and I appreciate that. So far, I have not located the debug logs.
  10. Now anything I move into any of my Resilio folders says, "File is locked by another application". lol Locked uh? They are all mp3s. No Adobe Audition, Winamp, Media Player or anything open pointed them! Just odd as hell.
  11. Hey guys.......thanks for your response. Much appreciated. Merry Christmas from South Carolina Bill
  12. Hey guys....forgive me for bringing up a topic that appears to have been discussed a lot. All of a sudden last night I discovered the sync folder on Computer A is not syncing with computer B. On B it says A is offline. No, it isn't. Everything for several years has been working 100%. It shows that yellow warning sign on certain files. New version upgrade? I did upgrade BUT after I noticed this occurring. Running 2.6.2 on both! The issue was there before the version update! I've restarted on both sides as well. Any ideas appreciated. Merry Christmas to all. Bill South Carolina
  13. Hi guys...Happy New Year. I just installed the latest version, and can't seem to change the 'up' bandwidth. It's default is 1MB up. When changing, it reverts right back. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much. Bill
  14. I did not see this in the Q&A area. Sorry, if I overlooked it. I have BT Sync on 2 computers, home and work. I'll call them simply 1 & 2. IF I wanted to add #3 in a totally different location, but only sync with 1, and not 2, how would I go about that. Simply adding another folder would not do it, right? Any input on that scenario?? Thanks!!! Bill
  15. OK, thanks Moe. Only running on several Windows boxes. 7 & 8. I'll make sure it's the latest version. Thanks. Bill
  16. Forgive me if this has been already addressed! Anyone see this? Delete files from both locations, and in short order, they are back? Any input appreciated. Bill
  17. Thanks Igor. If I need to drop the number of folders below 10, I'll be happy to do that. I thought it might be that. Thanks for your help. Bill
  18. Just had to reinstall everything on a new computer. When trying to install Bit Torrent Sync I was going to paste in my secret, but the 30 day trial box kept me from from proceeding!! What is with that? What if someone doesn't want to do that? I'm confused on that. I love BT Sync, so no criticism at all. You guys have done a super job. I just didn't understand that. Help please. Thanks! Bill
  19. Windows 7 here. I always could get into options. Not now, only the upgrade to pro box.
  20. Hey guys, any input on this? I'm trying to get into BT's settings/options. Don't see it anymore, only that endless pest..."upgrade to pro" message! What happened. Thanks, have a good weekend. Bill