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  1. Unfortunately, I've been away from home this week and haven't been able to test what the support team suggested yet. I will post their response bellow so that you can give it a try. Here it is: Dear Stefan, Do you use our binary on your RPI (downloaded from our site)? If yes, BitTorrent Sync will require password in the following cases: 1) When you launch it for the first time after fresh install, it will offer you to set login/password. If you do not set them and just click "OK", they will not be required anymore. If you do set them- they will be required every time you open webUI. 2) you
  2. Thank you for the quick support!! I think I might have set a login and forgot it. I haven't tried deleting the settings files though. I will give it a try when I get home and post my results here. Thanks Stefan M.
  3. Hello, I am running a Bittorent sync server off of my Raspberry Pi. However, I don't know what the password is for the webui. I know for sure that it is not the default. I tried multiple times and it didn't work. How can I reset the password? Is there a way to uninstall it all and reinstall to get back to default configuration? I appreciate any help! Thanks, Stefan M.