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  1. Unfortunately, I've been away from home this week and haven't been able to test what the support team suggested yet. I will post their response bellow so that you can give it a try. Here it is:


    Dear Stefan,

    Do you use our binary on your RPI (downloaded from our site)? If yes, BitTorrent Sync will require password in the following cases: 
    1) When you launch it for the first time after fresh install, it will offer you to set login/password. If you do not set them and just click "OK", they will not be required anymore. If you do set them- they will be required every time you open webUI.

    2) you start it with a config file where credentials are or were configured. Even if credentials are deleted from your config, they are still stored in internal BitTorrent Sync's config and will be asked. To reset password quit BitTorrent Sync, go to .sync folder (hidden folder near binary) or the storage folder (as configured in your config file) and delete settings.dat and settings.dat.old. When you will start BitTorrent Sync next time it will ask you to set a new password. Skip it, if you don't need it. Also, please, note that deleting settings.dat and settings.dat.old will restore all global settings of BitTorrent Sync to defaults: like folders' settings (folders themselves will remain, only their settings will be set to default), BitTorrent Sync settings (like listening port, device name, etc).

    If you use any other package, please read this package manual.

    As another means you may completely reinstall BitTorrent Sync. Delete binary and .sync folder from your RPI, download new binary from our site: and do not set the password (unless you actually need it) as suggested in paragraph 1). Thank you.

    Best regards, 

    *Sync Support Team.

  2. Hello,


    I am running a Bittorent sync server off of my Raspberry Pi. However, I don't know what the password is for the webui. I know for sure that it is not the default. I tried multiple times and it didn't work. How can I reset the password? Is there a way to uninstall it all and reinstall to get back to default configuration?


    I appreciate any help! 



    Stefan M.