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  1. I also have trouble adding folders thrue the SynoCommunity package on my DS210j with latest DSM.
  2. It doesn't try to install anything, because i can't add the SynoCommunity channel for some reason. That's why I am looking for a manual install package for this type of CPU with DSM 4.2
  3. I managed to update my Synology 106j to DSM 4.2 with a workaround found on the internet. It runs like a charm, but I now wanted to install my beloved BTSync through the SynoCommunity channel, but without success. It seems to be a known issue. Is there a way to get a custom installation so i can install it manually? It does have a PPC processor so it should be possible to install it? Can anyone help me out? DSM 4.2 with this processor in the 106j Freescale PowerQUICC II MPC8241 PPC PATA, 32-bit Memory Bus, 32MB of RAM