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  1. "Not very stable"? That's not exactly my experience... I was actually testing Syncthing for quite a while now (between a variety of VMs and a variety of ARM devices), starting with 0.8.xx, and didn't have much of a problem with it - other than it being unable to resume interrupted syncs (not sure if "resume sync" has been already implemented in 0.10.3 or if it's still work in progress - haven't checked the changelogs / git commit in quite a while). For me it's working rather perfectly, though you well better expect "breakage" to happen for as long as there's a "0" as the leading major vers
  2. What you're missing is that in order for BTSync 1.4's "fabulous" UI to actually display and work you _NEED_ to have at least IExplode 9.0 installed. This means: 1. Disable Iploder, either through "Programs and Features" or via a System Group Policy, and BTSync will happily present you a empty page. 2. If you never update/d Imploder, simply because you can't care less about that Microsoft Malware, it will also refuse to work because Windows 7 ships with IE8 by default (update to IE9/10/11 are on Windows Update but they won't be installed if IE is turned off). In short, you get forced to
  3. To contribute to the OP's poll... Downgraded to BTSync 1.3.109 a few days ago because I simply had enough dealing with the 1.4 beta trainwrecks. As for the 'why?': - BTSync 1.3 (Windows) has the way saner, more sleek, more elegant, UI - BTSync 1.3 (Windows) displays the UI _right away_ and doesn't make me wait till eternity for some moronic "index.html" to load up. Sorry to say BT devs, but waiting 5-6 seconds for the UI to load up, on a 8-core machine having 16GB RAM and running off a SSD, is simply unacceptable; even the 1.3 Linux web UI loads up faster than the trainwreck you call "
  4. Alright, I promise to get on your nerves just this last time... Re: "But you can still use it but not the UI (IE <9.0)"... GreatMarko, you still fail to understand my point here. I know that BTSync would still work but not the UI, but: This would still put the BTSync icon into the notification area which, running with a homebrewn UI, wouldn't be required at all - I could implement my own "spinning logo thingy". A plain binary without _ANY_ Windows Shell integration or HTTP served parts would be plain awesome, even if you don't see my point here. Take the guy who coded up the BTSync GUI fo
  5. Thanks for the response. Seems the long-term solution will be to cling on to 1.3 on all peers and rely on DHT discovery (assuming your relay-tracker will stop accepting pre-1.4 peers at some point). However, maybe please tell your "management floor" that they just made a huge mistake with this decision (I'm obviously not the only slightly disgruntled user here). As for "the API is my friend": I know, but that doesn't resolve _ONE_ important issue, and that is the "you need IE >8.0 to use the UI" requirement (hence why you broke BTSync for the guys _still_ running XP (or Vista or RTM Win
  6. @mikelock: I understand your concern about "could be bugged". I can assure you that the APK is untampered and genuine... however... it's just an offer to help out, it's up to the individual to accept it or not. Just to prove it's genuine: 602281a7f1b9c0e190b086f6280ddf5c *BTSync- <-- MD5SUM f7e83ad051221f2b8efe587a4285d6180215a2d5 *BTSync- <-- SHA1SUM If I would have modded the file by any means the checksums wouldn't match (with the original), and the signature would be broken as well (i.e. Play Store wouldn't bug you about "Update available").
  7. Just to chime in on the bandwagon as well... I uninstalled BTSync 1.4 from Android. The previous versions were already "bugtastic" (i.e. always rotated the screen 180° when quitting the app for no aparent reason), but on Android really killed the bird now. Force closes randomly, and, to be honest, I'm not even in the mood to collect the logcat stack trace (it's not the ROM at fault here - happens on Stock Samsung 4.3.1 (SGS3) and Stock Samsung 4.4.2 (SGS4) and Stock Samsung 4.2.2 (SGT2) and... well... I better spare myself the whole list). The Windows version and the "renders the
  8. I just grabed BTSync out of my lastest Titanium Backup cache (am I glad I keep 2 versions worth of back-log for each app). Anyone who needs the APK for side-loading - PM me and we'll work out how I can get a copy to you. Seems that posting a link for the masses will only piss off the BT staffers. (@BT staff: Instead of cracking down on your user base you should well better invest the time and effort to fix that crap asap - the "Windows BTSync renders the UI through IE" feature is something where I don't know if I should fall off my chair from laughing too hard or if I well better