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  1. ok I got it, sorry again >3< yea if it could not require IE, that would be a plus in an update (that saying it works with XP, specifically x64)
  2. I'm sorry... I was just a little hot-headed when I wrote that as I'd been dealing with alot of crap... (switching to what's rated the best AV software, while having tonz of issues) I'd love to continue using BTS... it was on the start of becoming a great program... but you guys want to support the unsecure OS's and leave secure XP (including many additional layers of protection) in the dust. [post truncated]
  3. well this sucks... looks like I can't update I'm not getting Win7 or any newer MS RAT-ware OS. ... perhapse I can get you guys to start supporting XP again... ... there's no way I'm getting anything newer than XP with that thought in mind.