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  1. Thanks! Appreciate it. My problem is my SSD (boot disk) is limited. That's super helpful thanks!
  2. Hi there, is there a way to have the files that live at ~/Library/Resilio Sync live on another disk? The files tend to get quite large and my SSD is quite small. Is there a property I can change? Or it simply a simlink? If it's a simlink, will it work or will I irreparably break the universe? Thanks!!
  3. Ha thanks! I was so busy looking for FAQs and regular hacks, I didn't even look there. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has found a way to implement something like Dropbox's selective sync? Here's the scenario I'd like to have: I'd like a way to have a bunch of folders and files on one machine and selectively sync any one (or combination) of files and folders to another, on demand. e.g., Machine 1 | ----Folder A | ---- Subfolder 1 | ---- File A ---- File B ---- File C ---- File D ...only sync.. Machine 2 | --- Subfolder 1 | --- File C I know I could technically create a key for every file in question but this becomes cumbersome quite quickly. Have I missed anything obvious that would make this easy? Thanks in advance!