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  1. How do I stop the constant notifications to upgrade to 2.0 on the 1.4 platform. I keep clicking don't check for this version again tick box, but it still keeps coming up. I don't want these constant popups nor do I want to upgrade.
  2. I'm also in favor of a lifetime option. All I want to do is sync files from computer A to B with other computers or people. I don't need any fancy bells or whistles attached or constant updates or upgrades. Just make a product that works and sell it as is. Charge for major upgrades and if people want it then give them that option. Seriously? how far can you take a basic syncing program? You're going to hit a plateau sooner rather than later. A program like this is not suitable for a subscription basis, especially $40. Adobe and Office, sure! They make products so that people can make a living
  3. From what I was told version 1.4.111 will remain online and operational, just like the previous versions. For me, the unlimited folder option is really important for me, but the new features in 2.0 are not. Until I make money off of what I use BT for, or if I implement this in any business setting then I will consider a license. until then, 1.4.111 will work just fine for me. So at least this is a bit of good news that we are not forced to upgrade to 2.0. I just wish the the BT team would have made a clear and concise statement regarding our concerns and show a little bit of care and respect
  4. Do we at least have the option to stay on this build or will this be taken offline and all of us eventually be forced into 2.0? It would be very nice to have some of our questions answered.
  5. Ya just like the BT Team. They wanted all of us to help test and develop for them for free, then turn around and start charging us all for the free work we gave to them. It would be really nice if all of you actually took the time to read people's posts before spewing opinions and brushing people's concerns away like they were nothing. We said that we would pay, just not this amount, not like this. This goes to you too epounds. Copying and pasting a generic reply from a previous post does nothing for me and it really shows your level of commitment and respect to your community that's helped
  6. Exactlly. Not to mention the current bugs that still occur like the Out Of Sync error, or small changes to files that don't sync, or updated files getting replaced by the older files. I find that I frequently have to disconnect a folder, delete the .sync folder, and then reconnect the folder in order for it to start sycing again, or to start syncing properly. I have to repeat these steps across multiple computers. So I would have to pay in order to reconnect a folder to correct an error. Thanks but no thanks. If you read the above posts again, you will see exactly what our issues are. And a
  7. I too agree with what everyone has said. A lot of us have devoted countless weeks or months to helping you all develop this app to where it is today. Myself, I have spent so long developing an IT server that runs directly on BTSync. I have about 15 people on this server that consists of close friends and family members (Most of which are seniors). I have developed programs for reading scripts that sync over BT, instant messaging programs, computer maintenance services, ext... I'm also a fulltime computer science student that lives off student loans and makes NO money off this server. I've sp
  8. So I have signed up for the API a few months ago and again today. Just wondering how long it may take to get approved or if my emails are making it though. Would you be able to help me with this? My email is Thank you.
  9. Ah, My bad. I never explored this option yet. Thank you very much BitTorrent is truely the best app in my toolbox of programs! I'm very much looking forward to what the future holds in store! Cheers to the BitTorrent Team!
  10. Is there any status of when some other command line features will become available for the Windows version of BTSync? I would love the ability to perform scripting commands for adding folders and keys. Thank you.