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  1. Have a similar error, in my case on a Beaglebone black, also read only: [20150428 19:35:55.410] ACL[9803]: VerifyFileSignature: failed to verify ed25519 signature, user: [...] [20150428 19:35:55.411] MC[9803] [E422]: failed to verify signature of remote file programs/spiele/Age Of Empires II addon/Age of Empires 2 - The Conquerors Expansion/GAME/CAMPAIGN/MEDIA/INTRO.BLN I renamed the directory of the file (like 15 mins ago), however the error message still spits out the old directory. I'll check later if it eventually updated.
  2. Agreed. It would be nice if it could also provide feedback if something is not right. Eg. some simplified log messages or something. Also, when there are locked files, it nicely indicates, but it does not tell which files are actually locked. That would help a lot to track down the culprits and maybe close applications.
  3. Similar to that, when I chose "not to update", clicking the X, a new tab gets opened that is empty.
  4. Hi, (using the free version of 2.0.105 or 104) I am confused - I previously had all my connections manually as most of them also date back to pre 2.0 versions. Now I linked two of my devices, however do not see any folders from my other device. It this a pro feature? Am I supposed to see the folders connected to my fingerprint? What behavior should I expect? Any insights highly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Also have this issue, getting them on my Beaglebone black. The error message avove reads: [20150424 16:23:39.594] MC[E440] [3D96]: failed to verify signature of remote file [file removed], aborting [20150424 16:23:39.595] assert failed /mnt/jenkins/workspace/Build-Sync-ARM/SyncFolderMergeController.cpp:842 any ideas what this is?
  6. I have the feeling that much of the frustration might also be due to a misalignment between the BTS team goal and who is actually present in the forums/using BTS. For me it seems that BTS tries to move towards business/commercial customers, whereas most people in the forums are 'hobbyists'. For larger corporations it might be really nice to revoke access and such, but for private use....not so much. I feel most of us in here would have been happy with a stable, reliable, simple version that uses keys to exchange folders and define access. That should have been the basis for a commercial prod
  7. I think the issue is not that he cannot add it. It is that it is now a "one way" sync from phone to PC. That means if you delete/move photos on the PC, that changes are not reflected on the phone. I think I had a similar problem when I added BTS to the phone.
  8. Hi, Found a weird error, the "date synced" column is quite a bit ahead, see the attached image. This instance runs on a beaglebone black, which loses the correct time after restart. NTP service is running and currently the system time is correct though (and has been as far as I can tell as long as btsync is installed). Maybe btsync starts before NTP and this messes things up? Seems not to affect sync, but still something to fix I suppose. Tommi
  9. I hear you. I had exactly the same thought. And you also have to take into consideration that you might need additional hardware to host your backup data, which will also cost money. Plus Dropbox offers a web-interface and it is easy to browse previous versions of the file, both which is not or less easy to do with Sync. I really liked the service, so let's see how the pricing/features really work out in the end.