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  1. Hey, I'm running BTSync 2.0.105 on a Raspberry Pi 2 and successfully synced 1,8TB and more than 160.000 files from a Drobo 5N to this machine via a read only share. I did the initial sync via LAN, which took about a week. The two devices are now connected via the internet. I recently had to exchange the hard drive of the Pi. I used RSync to copy the data from the old drive and readded the same share using the path to the new hard drive. Unfortunately the reindexing seems to be quite slow. I roughly estimated it will take about a week to reindex and wonder if this is normal, even if there is no actual file transfer? I wish there was a feature to move folders of shares within BTSync. Thanks!
  2. I would like to one-way sync 380.000 files all together 1,5TB from a Drobo 5N NAS to a QNAP TS-110 NAS via a 1 Gigabit LAN. After having a few headaches while setting it up, now using the latest versions of BT Sync it seems to be ok so far. But I'm still not sure if I'm trying to do something stupid/impossible and the sync will fail again later. The transfer seems to be super slow so far. Sometimes around a few KB/s and expected syncing times sometimes up to 10 months. I hope this get's better after "Out of sync" and "Indexing" don't show up anymore and the index is up to date on both sides. Can I count on this, or will it stay slow? I read Raspberry Pis can make up to around 1,8MB/s … which theoretically makes a sync within a few days possible. How can I speed this up? I already use these settings on both machines: "lan_encrypt_data" : false,"lan_use_tcp" : true,Additionally in the share preferences on both devices I disabled everything except "Search LAN" to make sure the machines connect to each other directly. While testing around (with older more unstable versions of BT Sync) a few months ago I also tried to manually copy the folder to the target and then do a one-way sync using BT Sync to the copied folder later. But at least back then the sync never finished for whatever reason. Is this generally something advisable to do? There are quite a few things making it a bit inscrutable to me what BT Sync is doing at the moment – e.g. sometimes the WebUI not working at all (which happens if "shared folders" is being set in the config) or a blank WebUI (which I think happens right after starting BT Sync, while scanning the shared folders) or checkboxes of the preferences in the WebUI being just empty after changing a setting and opening the preferences again (also I can't access settings made via the WebUI via the file system to verify everything is as I expect). Sometimes I think these little machines just take more time to finish a process and display something meaningful again and I just have to be a bit more patient. But often enough after waiting a few days the process simply stopped somehow and/or the peers lost each other. I'm already successfully using BT Sync on several Macs and an Android phone, so I'm not completely new to this and think I understood the basics. It would be great to get some general advice on how to sync large folders between low-end NAS machines! Is this generally a good idea? How can I avoid the problems that I mentioned with the WebUI? How can I check what settings are currently being applied? The logs don't tell anything about it. Thanks so much!