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  1. I'm trying not to ramble on this one. I'd essentially like the ability to choose between the two UIs... Perhaps via a registry setting, or something similar. Here's what I don't like about the new UI: 1) It's pretty big. Not sure why it needs to use up 1/4 of an HD display with a lot of wasted whitespace and oversized fonts. 2) It hides all the details we geeks like to see by default. 3) Resizing columns is buggy. 4) I'm not a big fan of the circular progress bars. Would rather have an actual bar, or just a number as an option. 5) The UI can no longer be read by screen readers for accessibility. This prevents one of my good friends from using it. Here's what I like about the new UI: 1) I like the introduction of the ETA, but it is really, really inaccurate. You probably need to do a median filter on the results of this one. 2) I like the colours and the flattened style. But otherwise I love sync. I use it to manage deployments across several data centres and home for synchronising media across tablets and my media server , and it all (mostly) just works. Just slightly disappointed in the last revision. Cheers, Soen
  2. I have to agree with chabuku - I really don't like the 1.4 interface. I think it's a massive step backwards. The over-simplification of the UI has (likely) alienated most people who are already using BTSync - Us geeks who want to see the nitty gritty. I've not had performance issues, so there's nothing here to log, apart from just subjective feedback. Also, the UI is not accessible at all by any screen reader due to the weird UI renderer you guys are using. -Soen