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  1. Actually, I think a file similar to .syncignore could be used for this. Perhaps .syncpriority containing: #normal sync order - eg syncorder [name, size, time] [asc,desc]# syncorder time desc #files to prioritise - these files will sync before anything else except 0 which goes last - eg prioritise [0-3] [filename] # supports wildcards "?" and "*". Higher numbers sync first. All files default to priority 1 unless matched. prioritise 2 *.txt prioritise 3 *urgent* prioritise 0 *notimportant*
  2. I wish I could control the sync order I am findng, because some of my files are large, the small files don't sync for a long time. I would liketo be able to set the sync order from smallest > largest so the smallest files sync first. I think it should be easy to choose your prefered sync order, based on file size, modify date, or file name. Cheers and thanks for the great work