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  1. Im on Windows Server 08r2 at both ends. Looking in the queue, there does not seem to be any discernable pattern. It is not alphabetical. Unless - at the time of initial indexing it was alphabetical, and then with each reindexing, the newly found files are added to the sync queue in alphabetical order, but wont reach the top until what was already in the quere has finished syncing...which could lead to groups of files in the queue in alphabetical order, even the the queue itself does not end up in alphabetical order. I'm not sure if that is happening either though. I wish there was a way to control the sync order...
  2. Hi guys, I realise that at the moment there is no way to choose a sync order for btsync, but is there a defined order that btsync does use? Cheers
  3. Actually, I think a file similar to .syncignore could be used for this. Perhaps .syncpriority containing: #normal sync order - eg syncorder [name, size, time] [asc,desc]# syncorder time desc #files to prioritise - these files will sync before anything else except 0 which goes last - eg prioritise [0-3] [filename] # supports wildcards "?" and "*". Higher numbers sync first. All files default to priority 1 unless matched. prioritise 2 *.txt prioritise 3 *urgent* prioritise 0 *notimportant*
  4. I wish I could control the sync order I am findng, because some of my files are large, the small files don't sync for a long time. I would liketo be able to set the sync order from smallest > largest so the smallest files sync first. I think it should be easy to choose your prefered sync order, based on file size, modify date, or file name. Cheers and thanks for the great work