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  1. Great, this could work out ideally for me. Currently I sync from my seedbox using lftp which maxes my bandwidth, however with bittorrent sync and 1 node I only seem to transfer at about 10 mbit because it is only using one connection. However if I have several nodes, and they are each getting different chunks at 10 mbit and thus sharing the load, all of my connections should max out.
  2. Scenario, I have SeedBox and would like to sync the contents to 10 different btsync nodes. The SeedBox is the Master, is set for Read-Only and of course, all of content is coming from there. When btsync is transmitting data, would it be sending sequential incremental pieces to all 10 nodes simultaneously, or would it be sending different pieces to each node and they would all work together to fill in the gaps, thus sharing the load. ie. I have a 600mb file being sent to 6 nodes, would it send different chunks to each node, or would it start from scratch on each one? x00000 x00000 0x0000 00x000 000x00 0000x0 00000x or x00000 x00000 x00000 x00000 x00000