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  1. Myself I have downgraded to latest fw 3. You'll find the how-to details in WD forum. WD is obviously killing anything user installs on fw 4 unless it´s rebuild using their environment. FW4 is not customization-friendly and FW 3 is preferred if you like to add/autorun custom features.
  2. Thanks. I'll try to get someone who's using the right firmware to make the test. Will feedback as soon as I get something.
  3. System simply returns "Killed" (ref.: http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud/Firmware-04-00-00-607-running-btsync-or-unison-instantly/m-p/767995/highlight/true#M18314, 4th paragraph first post). It's thus likely per design by WD but there´s a reference to rebuilding Debian packages to resolve it (ref.:http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud/New-Release-WD-My-Cloud-Firmware-Release-4-00-00-607-7-9-14/td-p/761150 under Important Note:). Running btsync and other 3rd party stuff has thus worked well until the latest fw upgrade. Myself I have rolled back to earlier fw and can not make the tests just now.
  4. With WD's latest firmware release (4.x) btsync arm version won't run anymore. To my understanding it needs to be rebuilt for their Debian 64k page size (previously it was 4k page size) firmware. Can BitTorrent help out? Or is source available?