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  1. Sorry for the slow response, was on holidays. There doesn't seem to be a way to manually update the NAS for installed software, it seems to only come via the built-in app store. Am I missing something?
  2. Hi Helen. Thanks for the response, my readynas isn't seeing an update. Is there anything I can do to force an update?
  3. Since updating BTS things have got very clunky with sync rarely working and seems to be stuck in an indexing loop when it does work. I tried rolling the ReadyNas back to 6.4.0 and it didn't seem to make and difference so I'm thinking the problem is in BTS Is a new version far away or can I roll back? if so, how?
  4. My 1.4.77 was running ok but it's gone to ruin. latitudehopper, can you advise how you managed to roll back and where you got the file from? Anyone know how far away the new build is?