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  1. Sorry for the slow response, was on holidays. There doesn't seem to be a way to manually update the NAS for installed software, it seems to only come via the built-in app store. Am I missing something?
  2. Hi Helen. Thanks for the response, my readynas isn't seeing an update. Is there anything I can do to force an update?
  3. Since updating BTS things have got very clunky with sync rarely working and seems to be stuck in an indexing loop when it does work. I tried rolling the ReadyNas back to 6.4.0 and it didn't seem to make and difference so I'm thinking the problem is in BTS Is a new version far away or can I roll back? if so, how?
  4. My 1.4.77 was running ok but it's gone to ruin. latitudehopper, can you advise how you managed to roll back and where you got the file from? Anyone know how far away the new build is?
  5. Hey, just thought I would report in on my experience post update from 1.3.xx to 1.4.77. Essentially after running the update on my 2 readynas's everything broke, I reset the NAS's, I tried updating keys, I tried disconnecting/reconnecting, I un-installed 1.4.77 and re-installed it and it still didn't work properly. It would sync for a bit then stop and eventually the peers would drop off. Finally, I deleted the sync instances and then I deleted the folder we were sync'ing on one of the NAS's and started from scratch and everything started to work again. Half way through sync'ing one of the folders with 50GB of office docs it stopped sync'ing because it couldn't find its peer, I updated the key and it worked again. Another folder also stopped but when I looked at it's file progress it seemed to be stuck on a bunch of hidden system files that all started with "~$", they seem to be a windows temp file but have no file type allocated to them. I manually deleted these and it started sync'ing again. I put "~$" in the exclusion list thinking this would have fixed it but it didn't skip them and I noticed in Windows I couldn't search for them, I had to do a file listing and sort to identfiy them. I don't suppose anyone knows if there is a way to exclude all "hidden files"? Hope this helps someone else.
  6. Hey Richard, can you possibly post a change log? Heads-up to users, if you can't see the update just stop the service, the update will appear and run then run it. Once installed, reset of the NAS and re-enable the service. Thanks, Jason.
  7. Just thought I would come back and share my discoveries in case anyone else has the same issue. I fixed the problem by installing BTsync on a windows box and sync'ing the same folder that was giving me the issue, sure enough Windows stumbled on the same handful of files but the client let's you see them so I could identify them. Out of interest they were all .xls files, they all had macro's in the file and they all had a "." in the file name. Fixed the issue by replacing the "." with a "_" and saving them as ".xlsm" format.
  8. Hey, I'm sync'ing betwen two Readynas boxes and seems to working fine but it just never seems to finish, the client always says there are a handful of files to sync (6 out of 135,000) and a little bit of data uploading/downloading. I can only assume there is a problem with these files but I can't work out how to find the files the BtSync is trying to sync at this moments (current transfer jobs)? Is there a way to see this on the readynas that anyone knows? I'm running firmware 6.1.8 and Btsync 1.3.105 on both boxes Jasman.