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  1. Shell script seems to be working very well. Restarted the DS and could access btsync from :8888. Already tested and syncing like a charm. Thanks again fyl! Your instructions are very clear. In case other linux noobs have the same issues as I had, here are some of the stuff I also needed to get around to be able to make it work. Again, the instructions are clear if you know a minimum but if you are like me consider the following: 1. as mentioned in the guide, you need to have root previlege to perform step 4. Login as root - I used Putty from a windows machine and could only issue the su command to get root (#) if I logged into the DS using root as user and not as admin. Password for root is the same as for admin. 2. Use vi command to create the file for the shell script from point 8. Google a little bit around on how to create and edit a file using vi and how to copy the file to the intended destination. Finally, I risked doing this even though I do not have a clue. It worked but I could have as well broke something. So be careful if like me you do not have a clue about linux.
  2. Hey fyl, thanks for the help. I tried logging in as admin and issuing the command su but it did not work. I then logged in as root and it worked. I was then able to symlink with no problems. Btsync started and from :8888 looks very pretty:-) Now testing the shell script. Wish me luck and thanks again
  3. Thank you very much for the guide. When executing the command ln -s, I get the following message: ln: Permission denied I am logged as admin through putty on my windows machine. I am also a complete noob in regards to linux. Any thoughts on how to get around the issue described? Much appreciated
  4. I would also like very much to have btsync on the synology DS 414j. Thanks in advance