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  1. Today you have perma secrets, temp secrets, readonly secrets... Is it a way to have a secret requiring the manual acceptation of a device, just like bluetooth works for example ? So like this, you can have in the list of devices the device allowed and the device in waiting of acceptation. The purpose is : - be sure to have only trusted sharers - be able to eject a sharer without changing the secret for everybody TY
  2. I'm sorry to revive a very old topic. However, i think that this threat is real, of course long secret keys bring down the risk of theft, but... Why do you think about this suggestion : " You can activate an option that require that a new device connecting to a shared secret should be accepted by another device ". So, a device creates a key; if a second device try to connect, it should be accepted by the first one; just as bluetooth works. As simple as today, but without any risks of accidental / unallowed connection.