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  1. I finally found this page https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/204753659--Unknown-error-Database-error- which basically says to remove the folders and re-add them. OK, I'll do that now.
  2. Three of my synced folders are complaining about a Database Error. I have searched the forums but I don't see a solution for getting past it. I restored from a TimeMachine backup last night after my computer experienced a problem, maybe that's related? Anyway, what do I do to fix this database error? Mac OS X 10.11.5, Resilio Sync RC2
  3. I did, which surprised me because I don't recall setting it that way. Weird. Thank you!
  4. So far RC2 is more stable for me. Hasn't hung yet.
  5. I've been using Sync for well over a year. We rely on it. This transition to 2.4 has so far been rather painful. Now that I have RC2 installed on both of my machines I notice that when I create a new file on Machine A, Machine B gets a .rsls file instead of the file I need. If I double-click the .rsls file it syncs, but why do I even have to? I want it like it used to be: all files just sync. Can you help?
  6. If RC2 was released yesterday, I had RC1. This has been installed for a couple weeks(?). I just downloaded and installed RC2
  7. Sample attached. http://www.screencast.com/t/4ZW2C91q Sample of Resilio Sync.txt
  8. 2. How do I know? Get info says what I pasted above.
  9. I hope you can suggest a workaround asap Thanks
  10. Syncing with a new remote computer today and Resilio hung repeatedly. The cursor was a spinning beachball. I forced Sync to quit, but even after relaunching it hung again. Crash logs attached. I'm bummed, but hoping to get it working. We have used BTSync for a long time for syncing media at one company, and now I'm working remotely with someone new and trying to integrate Resilio Sync into this project. Version 2.4.0 (2.4.0) Thanks. Resilio Sync_2016-08-30-164846_WesRetinaMBP.cpu_resource.diag Resilio Sync_2016-08-30-165945_WesRetinaMBP.cpu_resource.diag Resi
  11. I have a folder on this computer that is syncing with BT Sync, but I don't know where on my system the files live. I can hover my cursor over the line to see the path, but I wish I could click on the folder in BT Sync then find in the context menu an option to Reveal in Finder (Mac) or Reveal in Explorer (Win). This would be very helpful and would show me the location of the files I need.
  12. Thanks. Unfortunately that didn't help a lot. I even turned on a third computer to contribute to this new system.
  13. Why is the initial sync slow? I have two computers with their copies of a folder that is 265GB in size. These two computers are synced using BTSync. Now I am adding this large folder to a third computer. As you can see in the screenshot, this third computer is not getting its files fast. All three computers are on the same LAN, and I would expect speeds at least 10x this. In fact, if I pause sync and copy files in the Finder from one of the other computers, the speed is as expected.
  14. I'm wondering about the Devices tab and what the information is I'm seeing. There are four machines involved. Jeff's Mac Pro is sending me a large batch of files, and to see if it speeded the transfer I set up three machines here on my local network all working together to download from Jeff. Looking at the screenshot I think I understand that Jeff's machine as 27.6 GB remaining to send me. Am I right? What do the status of the other computers indicating? Thanks. I had searched google and read the user guide, but now that I post this forum question I found this useful thread... http