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  1. @RomanZ Re: "Beta", "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
  2. Just upgraded from 1.4.75 to 1.4.83 on Windows 8.1 64-bit, fully updated. GUI is now just a blank gray box. I've been using BTSync for about a year and a half, on almost every platform you support...Android, IOS, Linux, Windows...and things worked acceptably well up through 1.3.109, but the slew of problems I've had with 1.4 is making me nervous that I might lose important data. Your developers clearly aren't doing enough testing prior to release, and the problems I've had indicate this is equally true for the syncing code as the GUI. A bug that accidentally wipes out some part of the 5 TB
  3. I'm seeing something similar with the latest Android clients, both 1.4.45 and now 1.4.50. I have about 7 folders on my phone shared and all sync fine to other devices using RW and encryption keys. When I try to add the TitaniumBackup folder, it sync's fine to another RW node, but as soon as I add the encryption key node the Android client crashes. Every time it starts, it crashes in seconds. The problem definitely has something to do with that folder. It worked fine with 1.3.109.
  4. I am also experiencing this problem. I helped a friend recover a dying hard drive and this is preventing me from backing up the image, it's about 1.4TB. If it matters, my backup server is using encryption keys, not RW or RO. [20140811 06:59:45.224] Loading config file version 1.3.106[20140811 06:59:45.259] Loaded folder /btsync/data/deaaf59d[20140811 07:00:53.245] Blocked downloading file VOPXHNXLQAMHSZZZHOJJXHHC7AJRMVMVHPQIFTY due Timeout due to inactivity[20140811 07:01:55.725] Got metadata with too large size 27465664 Can you take a look at the problem again and see if you can fix it s