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  1. Yep, +1 for Solaris (Sparc, X86) and derivatives.
  2. OK, deleted the folder from the downloading peers and recreated them as empty directories. For how long should I keep it running with debug enabled? OK. Sure.Bye... Dirk
  3. Hi, I've setup btsync on Linux to distribute multiple folders to different sets of read-only devices (mostly Windows, some Linux). I've currently setup 16 folders, each shared with a different number of devices, ranging from 2 to 92. If I add a 17th folder to this setup, and share it with some other devices, those devices connect, create an empty *.!sync file for each file in the folder, and that's it. Synchronization never happens. All peers show all other peers in their devices list, indicating that either up- or download is required. I tried removing sync folders from either peer, but that didn't help. BTSync is 1.3.109 on all involved peers. What can I do to solve this problem? Thanks... Dirk