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  1. Tested on FreeBSD with 2.4TB, so far so good. I will port when I get time; --kfarmer
  2. Negative, I fixed it.. the file name was LT1134~.PDT I remove the "~" and all synced fast.
  3. Is it normal for indexing to be a few files off on each node? I've checked the .ignore file and all the extensions are the same inside this file. I have two nodes that are 5-6 files off.
  4. Two servers with windows server on them. Sync version is 1.3.109 What is odd is I have one that stopped at 20GB when there is 100GB total. The other Server is showing 108GB which is the size of the folders/Files. I paused them for now and will start them up tonight. Does both clients have to be online for the index to build properly or is the index only local to the specific system?
  5. I have two locations with both the same contents. btsync was freezing up on me and wasn't sync the data. I ended up removing the folders from btsync and re-adding. They're re-indexing also says it's transferring files. How can this be if the files are identical? Or is that how the file are transferred when it's just building the db?
  6. Sure, I just had to change the directory structure a tad "Folder-> Folder -> Data Files/Folders" That way I can control the first folder and users don't see the data dumps from btsync.
  7. Is there anyway to hide this? I know it's already hidden but I have a few users that always have "show hidden files" turned on. I tried to hide it as a system file but it bounces right back. I didn't know if there was a easy way to hide this or have btsync look at a different folder location to pull the information? I figured out a solution, thanks all!
  8. What is the totals in the Devices Tabs, Under "Status" Says that I have U:18.3 and D: 33.8 I'm assuming this is how much data I need to upload and download before it is synced with everything?