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  1. ok--should i expect an email or something at some point? really anxious to get this working again
  2. thanks! i don't recall seeing that option before. how does it behave with a modified file if Overwrite is not checked? btw, were the folders always called Read Only? sounds like files can't be added (?). i want to ensure files can't be deleted from the destination.
  3. my android device stopped backing up some time in the last month. On the PC, I just noticed the most recent Date Synced is "a month ago" and there are files as new as today that aren't in the backup location. It used to work great on all ten directories. I've tried restarting both devices. Since I can't force a sync, not sure what to do. Anything that can break this connection?
  4. same here. this just started with my last android device backup to pc. i've never had to even see a .bts file before, so had to look into what was up. if i delete em, they're put right back. wtf?
  5. i thought i had it set up initially to be one-directional: any files deleted on my android device would NOT be deleted from my sync directory. i've just been trusting it for a while. now i can't seem to confirm this, and the interface is different than i remember. i definitely don't want additional files in the backup added to my device ever, or any files in the backup ever deleted. any way i can confirm this is still correct?
  6. FAQ says one-way sync is possible, but i'm not clear how. i have my Android device set to sync to my NAS through my PC, and LOVE it. brilliant. so grateful. BUT does anyone know if i can make this one-way? i'd like to overwrite old files on NAS,add new files,but ignore deletions, (device runs out of room)and i don't want anything that happens on the NAS to change my device files.possible?