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  1. @RomanZ That particular case doesn't apply to me. I am only making changes on the "remote machine" (meaning the machine that did NOT originally share the sync folder). I haven't set up any sort of read-only situation either. This "seemed" (again not confirmed) to start around when I was turning off the original machine that shared the folder before bed every night. Now that I've been leaving it on all day everyday (like I used to) I haven't seen the issue. I might try an experiment with less delicate files and see if I can reproduce specifically.
  2. My issue is completely unrelated to Excel files. Also it isn't related to files with "." in the middle of them. Perhaps 1 theory is that the original syncing machine (that shared the folder) is left turned off for a day or two while making changes on another machine. When you turn back on the "original" machine it will try to overwrite any files changed on the remote machine even if those files are newer. Just a theory though, haven't confirmed.
  3. I have had this happen to me several times in the last week or two. I constantly have syncing between two computers for programming. I have had to manually recover from .SyncArchive on several occasions. I've started the debug log on both systems and will upload when it happens again.