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  1. herbert

    Lightroom Catalogue Corruption

    Hi, I am using BTSync/Resilio Sync since years to keep my LR DB, images and Smart Previews in sync. In all the years I never had any problem nor a DB corruption. Opening LR locks the DB, which stops syncing the DB to other peers until I close LR and the lock got removed from the file and recognized by Resilio Sync. I must assume that the problem, in your case, could be something else.
  2. herbert

    Benefits of Journaling

    I think this is beneficial for all to know, should also be in your knowledge base. But honestly disable logging just doesn't work, the sync.log file still gets written and contains information. Especially ERROR information - is there a way to completely disable logging? Cross-Post
  3. herbert

    rslsync log verbosity

    I tried to be put into debug.txt, one line 80000000 and second line 0, but the WebUI just does the same if you Disable Debug Logging. This is not really disabling logging at all ? And on the WebUI of my QNAP I do not have a "Enable Logging" Option just an "Enable Debug Logging" Option, but as I mentioned, I want to turn logging OFF completly.
  4. herbert

    rslsync log verbosity

    Is this still valid for disabling logging at all ? I do not want, nor do I need logging right on some peers, and yes I know what this implies for error logging and future debugging. thanks
  5. herbert

    Benefits of Journaling

    What are the pros and cons of disabling/enabling journaling? Why is the default to have journaling turned on? Thanks
  6. herbert

    Controlling RAM usage

    I am just having the same issues with RAM usage on all the machines sharing my files. But because I am sharing around 20 folders, this is not an option, if I delete them I have to get to all this devices (on multiple locations) and add the link again, couldn't you just introduce a "compress" db or "clean" db option ? I mean you are also addressing Enterprise, so I wouldn't wonder if they complain. BTW I am a paying customer as well.
  7. herbert

    Btsync As Docker

    oh, already one there, great. is this officially supported by bittorrent or not? I already used a "user" created docker image for btsync but it is not getting updated thanks
  8. herbert

    Btsync As Docker

    hi, I am running rockstor as my NAS, they use docker to run btsync, which is quite nice. nevertheless they lack updating the docker container to the latest version. my question now, why does the sync team not providing docker images with the latest version as they do for linux, windows, mac osx and other platforms and systems? for some NAS systems this would make it so much easier to adopt the official docker image to their installations. thanks for any hints
  9. hi, I am running linux mint 17.1 64 bit. cinnamon version 2.4.8 and still running on btsync 1.4.111 Beta, I do not know what is wrong but the update to 2.0 is not happening. I also changed the added sources information from unstable (because that is what mint is getting detected) to trusty. stays the same, how do I get 2.0 running with your sources? thanks
  10. hi, when is an update planned for the latest 2.0.120 release? thanks for your hard work
  11. Hi, I am searching for a way to figure out which IP a peer in the peer list is using as a source to connect to another btsync instance? I do only see peer names in the list of devices, but would love to get the IP as well showing up. Is this possible? Running btsync 2.0
  12. Ah, ok, fine. Would be nice if this gets documented thanks
  13. I am using Sync 2.0 on my iPhone, Windows Client and Linux Client. All off them are using the same identity. I used Camera Upload on the old version as well, so I turned it off, and turned it on again. It asked me about the devices I want to sync the files to and the folders appeared on those devices. But all of those folders are classic 1.4 folders, is this on purpose? Haven't found a support article about camera uploads on 2.0 at all. How is the intended behavior on Android and Apple ? Thanks
  14. herbert

    Readonly Folder Between Devices

    same here, I use(d) read only folders as well and would love to see them back.
  15. and what about keeping the repo and updating existing to 2.0 and add a new package called btsync1 or btsync-legacy