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  1. Excellent! thanks very much, that seems to have worked
  2. Thanks, I've just tried that, unfortunately i'm still getting the same error. :/
  3. Hi, I'm trying to set up BTsync on my seedbox, I have been following this guide when i attempt this command ~/btsync/./btsync --config ~/btsync/sync.conf Error while parsing config file: parse error: after key and value, inside map, I expect ',' or '}' ble credentials check */ "webui" : { "listen" : "0. (right here) ------^ Here is my config file minus username, password and port{ "device_name": "My Sync Device", "listening_port" : 0, // 0 - randomize port /* storage_path dir contains auxilliary app files if no storage_path field: .sync dir created in the directory where binary is located. otherwise user-defined directory will be used */// "storage_path" : "/media/diskid/home/user/btsync/.sync",// uncomment next line if you want to set location of pid file "pid_file" : "btsync/", "check_for_updates" : true, "use_upnp" : true, // use UPnP for port mapping/* limits in kB/s 0 - no limit*/ "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0 /* remove "listen" field to disable WebUI remove "login" and "password" fields to disable credentials check*/ "webui" : { "listen" : "", "login" : "myusername", "password" : "mypassword" },/* !!! if you set shared folders in config file WebUI will be DISABLED !!! shared directories specified in config file override the folders previously added from WebUI.*//* , "shared_folders" : [ {// use --generate-secret in command line to create new secret "secret" : "MY_SECRET_1", // * required field "dir" : "/home/user/bittorrent/sync_test", // * required field// use relay server when direct connection fails "use_relay_server" : false, "use_tracker" : false, "use_dht" : true, "search_lan" : false,// enable sync trash to store files deleted on remote devices "use_sync_trash" : true,// specify hosts to attempt connection without additional search "known_hosts" : [ "" ] } ]*/// Advanced preferences can be added to config file.// Info is available in BitTorrent Sync User Guide.}