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  1. Thanks, but the EULA is VERY explicit and so far everyone's responses are entirely anecdotal with no proof that licensing is per identity - as far as I'm aware, the process of every installed version being automatically licensed might be a bug and "fixed" at any stage. As far as I'm concerned, the licensing model I have to pay for is "per device" until the terms on the website are corrected...these are "the terms" that legally underpin the licensing contract regardless of how the software functions...
  2. Where are you reading this - 1 license is 1 identity? The EULA (https://www.getsync.com/legal/eula-subscription) says nothing of the sort:
  3. $40/year ??? As far as I can tell, the license is per device, so surely that means the minimum cost is actually $80/year (no point having sync on a single device!!)...or am I reading the EULA wrong... I presume a NAS will also count as a device, so with two NAS, 2 desktops and 2 laptops, I'm now running up a bill of $240/year just for myself...if I include the kit used by my wife and kids that's another 5 devices... And business users can't use the free edition either...I was looking at using it with clients as an intro and then "up-selling" them to pro... I'm now forced to have another look at PowerFolder...and abandoning my current BTS setup...not happy using an unsupported version... Feeling very disappointed...