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  1. That wasn't there some days ago ... Now testing with: "folder_rescan_interval" : 86400, "config_refresh_interval" : 86400, "config_save_interval" : 86400,
  2. Not working ... on Synology NAS (ARM) Added "folder_rescan_interval" : 86400,to sync.conf ...
  3. Thanks for the update. Listening port is not changing anymore. Is https activated by default now? Have you sen this thread:
  4. This should be fixed in Version 1.4.93 ...
  5. Hi, it would be very nice when it would be possible to use crt files for https. Because Synology devices saves the ssl cert as crt file. Thanks. Bye, Andreas
  6. Could the "listen port not saved bug" be fixed fast? This is very annoying and a problem for users which using packages of btsync (Like that from SynoCommunity) and make it nearly unusable.
  7. When you have problems with the rights of the btsync user you can use this little tutorial to make the btsync user visible in the DSM, where you can comfortably give him rights for specific folders:
  8. Important: Use at own risk! New better solution, which will maybe added in the next SynoCommunity BitTorrent Sync release! What you need: A Synology DiskStationBitTorrent Sync Beta installed over SynoCommunity ( must be activated ( SSH client (Putty: explanation: We create a group, which member will be the btsync user. So you can easily give permissions over the DSM. What to do: Stop the btsync package.Connect with SSH to your Synology, login as root and use the admin password.Run this two commands: synogroup --add sc-btsync btsyncsynogroup --descset sc-btsync "SynoCommunity's BitTorrent Sync group"Start the btsync package.Now you can give permissions via Control Panel -> Group.
  9. -> File not found.
  10. For 88f6282 use 88f6281.
  11. I made an fix for this problem. Need people to test it:
  12. Hi snowboard, for 88f6282 please use the 88f6281 package. The package is working on 88f6281 and 88f6282 devices. I updated my post: Bye, Andreas