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  1. I am using 1.3.109 on linux with config file, no GUI. The linux machine has two external networks, one a public IP and the other a VPN without a default route, so that traffic on the VPN network is exchanged only with other hosts on the VPN. When btsync starts, it logs a message of the form: Using IP address String firewals on the public address kill most btsync traffic on that interface. I would like btsync to consider the private, VPN interface as its primary address, and set up all listeners there. Especially, LAN discovery of peers (enabled via "search_lan" : true ) should happen on the VPN interface. Is there any way to either force or trick btsync into binding to the interface of my chosing? Can this be done with version 1.4, an upgrade I have declined so far. -jem
  2. Just a reminder to dev team, as of version 1.3.109, this problem still exists. -jem