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  1. Dear colleagues: Although the version 1.4 introduces Proxy server support, in my case, it does not work yet. It is curious because when a enter the proxy information, the "Check now" button (to check for updates button) starts working. Nevertheless, the synchronization does not work. Checking the proxy preferences on the bittorrent client (no sync app), I wonder if the problem is related to this option (which is still missing on the bittorrent sync): Use proxy for peer-to-peer connections forces BitTorrent to communicate and transfer data with peers through the proxy. By default, this option is disabled, and BitTorrent only uses the proxy to communicate with trackers. This option may not work with some HTTP proxies (not all HTTP proxies support HTTP CONNECT). I don't kown if the lack of this option causes the problem or not, but definitely, if bittorrent sync is not redirecting ALL the traffic thought the proxy, it won't work for many of us. So please, if anyone knows. I would love to hear that it is my fault and that I need to just change something on the configuration, but it doesn't seem to be this way. It seems for me to be a problem of a partial implementation of the proxy client features. open to suggestions