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  1. I do not see how to specify config file for BTSync running as Windows Service. Do you have any advice on this ?
  2. Hi I have installed BTSync 2.3.1 on Windows 2008 R2 as a service running under SYSTEM account. I can open UI in local browser ( but I am not able to manage this BTSync service instance remotely (from another PC, by typing in address line http://server_name:8888/gui/). What I need to change in configuration to allow manage from different computer ?
  3. +1 on the Windows Service feature. Must have feature. I wounder how they managed to run it in cloud ???
  4. Tested with v2.0.82 - same problem. Files got corrupted. Product is not usable, moving to
  5. Few days ago I reported a bug (via form on the web site) about overwritten files from read-only shares in v2.0.52. I have got no response in any form at all. Could somebody from Support Team tell, did they receive this report or not ? I see BTSync 2.0 was released to public, but I do not want to use if this issue is not addressed.
  6. Vote for this. Specially now, with no portable support in v1.4